Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Four Jews In A Room Bitching"

Hey All,
I am so sorry that I am 2 WEEKS LATE!!!!!....It has been a really crazy two weeks that I honestly just was not at my computer, and had absolutely no time to write anything. I am here now though and I am ready to catch you all up on the goings on in the holy land.
When I got back from Cyprus (two weeks ago) it was the first night of Pesach (Passover). So as soon as I got home from the cruise I picked up my laundry, other overnight items, and my roommate Shaina to head to my cousin Debbie's for the first seder (which is interesting because in Israel they do not have multiple seders, just one). We took a cab to Reut and we once again warmly welcomed into Debbie's home, her husband, four kids, and a surprise guest were waiting in the kitchen for us. Debbie's sister Shelly was in from the states to visit and I was so very excited to see her and catch up on everything that was going on. The food was almost ready, all we were waiting for was Alon's family (who live in Tel Aviv). So everyone got washed up and I started making matzah balls for the matzah ball soup.
Once Alon's family was there we started the seder. Alon read the Hebrew very fast so that we could get right to the meal. I was told that a lot of secular families in Israel tend to go through the beginning section of the seder very fast so that they can get to the food and family time. I rather enjoyed it actually, I was reading the Hebrew as Alon read it and understanding bits and pieces as we went along. Then we put our books away and started eating the most delicious food I have every had. Matzah ball soup, chicken, and vegetables, and chopped liver, and gefilta fish, and matzah, and so much more.....OY!!!...I was stuffed by the end. Right after dinner we just sat around the table chit chatting, telling stories, and relaxing (as you are traditionally supposed to do on Pesach). Everybody then left, and the whole family went right to bed. The rest of the weekend was really was just relaxing, spending time with Shelly, Debbie, Alon, and the kids, and getting ready for another week of break.
My second week of break was very uneventful. Shaina and I went to Ben Yehuda on Monday to get some quick shopping in at the pharmacy and the department store. As well as the market to that we could get more matzah and other items that were kosher for Pesach. We then spent the rest of the week watching movies that we borrowed from Debbie, and catching up on A LOT of sleep that we had missed before break started. While I was resting I was also getting ready for the weekend and week ahead....because....drum roll!!....MY MOM WAS COMING FOR A SURPRISE VISIT!!! mom had called Debbie, and contacted Shaina, and my best friend Andrew on facebook, telling them that she was planning on surprising me. However, she could not keep quiet for much longer because she ended up calling me at 3am (my time) to tell me that she was coming and that I should get an itinerary ready for her. Well at that point I was so excited I didn't know what to do, so I started planning EVERYTHING waking moment to be spent with my mom.


I feel like you have all figured out that my mom was here, and left, so let me compile all the things that we did!!!


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