Sunday, March 22, 2009

"We Are Family"

Hey All,
Not gonna lie, pretty boring week. Especially because my last post was on Tuesday. O well, so this will be short, then you can catch up on my other long posts that you haven't finished (giggle giggle).
The rest of the week I had classes, and for some reason they felt even longer then they normally are. Hebrew in the morning, and classes right after. I really love my classes, but now that mid-terms are coming up, I am getting even more homework, study material, and essays that want to take over my life. I have a 5-6 page paper for my Holocaust due in a week about the bombing of Auschwitz, complete with commentary from MANY European sources. Plus, I can't just write about the bombing of Auschwitz, I have to create my own topic on the subject, and expand on it using new sources other then one's that my professor gives me. Can you say OY?? I then have a midterm for my art course, which will be my professor showing us 40 different art pieces that we have seen, and we have to choose 6-10 pieces (maybe), and identify the artist, and write everything that you know about that piece (aka biblical text stuff, and artistic composition). My other midterm that I have is for my religious foundations course. It will be all multiple choice, and we are going to go over the answers right after everyone is done, so that we can discuss our answers and use the midterm to study for a final in the future. I absolutely love this class, we get into the best tangents with the professor on the most random things, then always end up connecting to the original subject. We are also going on an ALL DAY trip to the North to look at some religious areas that relate to the different movements in Judaism.
Wednesday night I then went with Shaina and Sarah to Margot's apartment to make pasta and salad, and watch Grey's Anatomy. We all had missed so many episodes, and Margot found some way to collect all of them on her computer so we could watch FULL EPISODES instead of bits and pieces from YouTube. It was great, we watched 3-4 episodes, and we were laughing and getting way too excited the entire time. We then left around 9:30 or so because both Shaina and myself had to do homework for Thursday.
The next day I breezed through my classes, and got ready to go to my cousin's for Shabbat. My friend Becca was coming with me, so when I got back to my room she was already there with her backpack ready. We met Debbie outside of the building and we went right to her house. When we got there I through a load of laundry in the wash, and we sat around snacking and watching Israeli television. We then realized it was only going to be four of us for dinner that night (Gil was included in the four) so we made tuna melts and onion soup. We then sat around the dining room table eating our comforting dinner and chit-chatting about children's movies we used to love. We then sat in front of the television for a bit watching something silly until we got tired (yay for comfortable beds!!). The next morning Becca got up a little bit earlier then me and watched some stuff on her computer, and I slept for another hour. We then went up to get some breakfast. Debbie came into the kitchen and was taking requests for breakfast, we all had eggs in a hole, and sat a our the kitchens mini TV and watched mindless soup opera's. The rest of the day Becca and I sat outside and did some studying for school, and just enjoyed the cool but sunny day. We then watched Mona Lisa Smile's and hung out until I started making dinner.
I decided that I wanted to make a big Shabbat dinner for my family, so Debbie went out shopping for some lovely chicken, and I cut them up into strips and made lemon chicken, pasta, and veggies for the family (Debbie, Alon, Avigal, Avigal's boyfriend Yonaton, Guy, and Shai)(Gil was sleeping at the farm that they have horses at so he was not at dinner). It was wonderful, and it seemed like they enjoyed the food (pleasepleaseplease). It was nice to spend more time with my family on a more intimate level instead eating and running around. We ate dinner, and sat and talked (a little bit of Hebrew and a little bit in English). Everyone else then went into the living room to look at pictures and I got to sit at the table with Avigal. We hadn't been able to really talk since I got here, so we talked about school and the things that I am doing here, and many other things. I was so happy to spend some one on one time with her because she works late nights at the airport so whenever she is home she resting before her next shift. I hope that soon we can go out, and hang out with her boyfriend and our friends (we are the same age). That night Becca went to bed early, and I stayed up with Debbie and Shai watching old episodes of CSI:Miami, and drinking hot Shoko (Israeli chocolate milk, it's AMAZING).
Saturday morning Becca and I woke up and made ourselves some eggs. Shai got up around the same time as us so she joined us. I made Shai and Becca eggs over easy, and a tomato, onion and cheese omelet for myself (which Becca ended up having half of because she was still hungry). We then sat in front of the television for a bit watching a soap opera (that I don't even remember the name of), and cleaned our stuff up to get ready to go back to school. Debbie took us back to school, and we thanked her for a great weekend, Debbie then said that she would be in touch with me not only to check in, but also to let me know about their Pesach (Passover) Seder on the first night of Pesach. Debbie and I thought that it would be nice for me to come to spend the first seder with them. I completely agreed, and now I am so excited to spend my Pesach break (spring break) in Cyprus and with my family. That night I relaxed, watched a TV show that Sarah, Shaina, and I normally watch before bed, and made some pasta and veggies for dinner.
Hope that was short enough...hehe...hope everyone has a great week!!!
Miss you all very much!!!


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