Monday, January 19, 2009

"A Whole New World"

Hey all!!
So I got to Israel about 6 days ago and I havent really gotten a chance to breathe. Which is why I am writing my first blog entry on my roommates computer, because I have NO internet...I am going a bit crazy, but hopefuly I will have my computer up and running soon!!

Anyways...Israel is amazing, I arrived last Wednesday at 6am in Israel, which was about 11pm U.S. time. I was sooo very tired but I knew that there was so much to do. I met my roommate on the flight and I was so excited to see a friendly face. Her name is Shaina and she is from Boston, and goes to UMass. She is very sweet and every since we met I dont think we have separated. Our new friends here have been calling us the mommy's, and that we are like an old married couple.
When we finaly got to the Hebrew University campus Shaina and I received our dorm rooms. we had to truck out HUGE bags up six flights of stairs (OY, WE WERE TIRED), and keyed into out room that would be ours for the next 5 months. When we walked through the door we were shocked. I think that Shaina refered to it as a jail cell, and I was syaing it was nicer then that, at least a reform school dorm. We then decided that instead of complaining we would make the room our own and decorate it with everything possible. Plus, we finally realized that WE ARE IN ISRAEL!!!!...O MY GOD!!!!...I think complaining about anything at that point was just silly.
During the net couple of days we went to orientations, saw the campus (which is beautiful, pictures wll be coming shortly), went food shopping with our new friends; Sarah, Ariana, and Becca, and just explored untill our first day of Ulpan.
My first day was on Sunday the 18th. It was a bit scary considering that I havent looked at the aleph-bet since hebrew school, and only god knows how long ago that was, and I havent spoken any hebrew at all since camp last summer, which I dont even know a lot from anyway. Thankfully I was in a class of about 10 people, all with different levels, some who had never seen a word of hebrew in their entire life, a couple that already knew a little bit of script and some words, and me with some others that needed some reminding and a fresh start on the alphabet. It is a little bit hard because our teachers do not speak/teach in english, only in hebrew (ivrit), which is a bit concerning but I am sure I will be able to keep up. I am having a lot of fun and I cannot wait for the weekend, it is my 21st birthday and I am going to be spending it with my family in Reut, and friends from all around to take me out for some Israeli night life...wish me luck!!!


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