Saturday, December 27, 2008

2 Weeks!!

Hey all!!
Hope your holidays were wonderful, mine sure was.

I spent time with my family at our Hanukkah party, not all of my cousins were there but it was still great to be with everyone, and talk about my Israel plans.

I got some great presents (all for Israel!!); a new camera, a purse, a dress for Shabbat when I am there, an appointment to get a hair cut. All things that I really need, and considering that I am already going to Israel which is expensive in itself, I didn't get a large amount of gifts, which I am very OK about.

I have also been spending time with my friends. A lot of hanging out at peoples houses, chillin, and talking about the past semester. All of my friends are going to miss me, but I assured them that I will have SKYPE and facebook, and that they can send me messages any time. I think that they also know that this means a lot to me and my future and I know that I have their full support.

My friend Samar has also been coming over and helping me with my packing. She tells me all the things that I REALLY need to bring, instead of the things that I want to bring. It was an hours worth of me saying "Sam, I need to bring a pair of comfy black pants," and then she would say "EM!!, we already put aside 2 pairs of comfy pants, and a pair of sweatpants for you, you don't need any more," and of course I would give her a sad face, and say "but these are different!!" she would then proceed to throw me a dirty look and I would just laugh and say "OK FINE!!." I have a feeling I am going to thank her later, because we actually got a lot done, and I feel OK about my packing arrangements.

I know that I will also have my friend Kristina to come over and help me with actually putting my clothes and such into those space bag things, of which my mom likes to call "shrinky dinks." This is probably the best part of all of this, my friends telling me to do one thing and my mom questioning it, and then ending up agreeing with my friends instead of her own daughter, it's been pretty funny, and I am saving every moment I can.

I hope that everyone had a great holiday, and I will write again soon!!!




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